10, 08, 2016

Cold Shoulder


Sneakers: Puma HERE

Backpack: SammyDress.com

Let’s face it. For many people wearing super high heels and gorgeous outfits everyday isn’t a reality. Being a full time parent I really don’t have the luxury to wear Christian Louboutin everyday and look like a style queen. I do follow one mom on Instagram who does and more power to you. Just because I haven’t had time for myself, like just to go to the movies or anything since my daughter was born, doesn’t mean I don’t want want to be current and stylish. This post all is about being on point with what’s trending but still being causal and comfortable. After all being comfortable in what you wear is the whole point of making the outfit work for you.

All my looks are pretty simple. I have never been into over the top accessories or too many colors. This one is no exception to my style rules. The one color combo I actually really love other than black and white is pink and gray. I’m loving this shade of pink and the off the shoulder trend has been so big this summer, I definitely predict it going into the fall. I accessorized the look with a light pink backpack with gold hardware. What do you think of this look? Please feel free to leave me comments and feedback. XO

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