01, 12, 2017

Professional Teeth Whitening Without Leaving Home

Teeth Whitening can become a confusing and intimating process. There are an overwhelming amount of methods and brands to close from. My brother had a wedding in August and I knew I needed to have my teeth whitened before all the pictures. Luckily, I was approached by Smile Brilliant to try an at home whitening system, just like a professional teeth whitening service from the dentist. The best part of Smile Brilliant is everything was delivered right to my door.

After you open the kit, you have an easy to read checklist to start. The first steps include a molding clay that you mix and press into the whitening tray. The clay hardens into a perfect mold of your teeth that you pop right into a package provided and shipped off to Smile Brilliant. In no time, Smile Brilliant ships to you a custom plastic tray that fit your teeth for optimal whitening. The gel is easy to apply on trays and very comfortable to wear. The beginning of whitening I had tooth sensitivity. Fortunately the kit includes a sensitivity gel that really helped.

I’m extremely pleased with my results. My teeth were noticeably whiter and could do it all at home. My personal preference was to whiten at night right before bed. I normally relax and watch TV, whitening at this time actually helped me not eat late night snacks. The results were so incredible better than previous results from my actual dentist and the cost is 70% less. Another cool thing is that Smile Brilliant it’s made in the USA. Scroll below to view my results I got in only 4 weeks and applying very other night.

I was way more confident with showing off my smile in all the wedding photos and I’m so pleased with my results. 



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