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Growing up I have the memory of wisteria growing every spring on the left side of the backyard on the fence. That memory has stayed with me until this day. No matter where I see wisteria now it instantly takes me back to my old backyard growing up. I am different now versus the person I used to be however wisteria is the one common thing I have in common with myself from before.

When I was younger I also decided other tastes, such as my favorite color yellow. I love that yellow is in right now and it’s so much fun to style. This floral skirt from C/Meo Collective is one of my favorite pieces this spring season. I added some volume to the look with my top, (it’s actually my favorite top right now in my closet) and then play off the blue floral pattern with my bag and shoes.


What I’m Wearing

skirt: C/Meo Collective / top: forever 21 (past season) / bag: dior



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