31, 08, 2019

Overnight eye mask by VIICode


I love a good mask, especially one that helps my under eye zone. I struggle with puffy under eyes and now that I’ve reached my 30s it’s so important to give your under eyes extra attention in your beauty routine. My motto has always been, the best way to treat wrinkles and fine lines is to prevent them before they even happen. Ultimately, no matter how hard you try to prevent, I now have some wrinkles forming under my eyes. I’m always on the look out for a product that will help these disappear and of course help my under eye puffiness as well. Puffy under eyes can completely ruin your pictures and make you look like you haven’t slept in days. Not a good everyday look.


My favorite part of VIICode’s O2M Oxygen eye mask is that you can apply before bed and sleep in it! Right after you apply the eye mask, you instantly feel refreshed. This eye mask is no joke, it stays in place for the entire night. I do toss and turn in sleep, I sleep on my side and I flip flop throughout the night. This mask stays put, no movement at all, it was like I just put it on when I woke up the next morning. After removing the mask, my eyes were completely refreshed and all of my puffiness I had disappeared after only one use. I continued to use the eye mask once a week and I’ve noticed that my puffiness has gone away all together. Finding a solution to my puffy under eyes has boosted my confidence. After adding this incredible eye mask to your skin care routine, you will see the difference.


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