10, 06, 2021

what to wear this summer

What’s hot this summer in fashion? I broke down my top three favorite trends and why, what I’m swooning over and sharing what’s on my current wish list. 


bright colors

Toss aside your neutrals and throw on some color. What makes color so fun? It’s a great way to boost your mood! It also boosts the mood of everyone around you and makes you more approachable. Dive into this refreshing trend full force and try head to toe color. If a bold and bright color is too much for you to wear for apparel, I totally understand btw, you can add a pop of color with an accessory instead. Bright colors can be utilized in both an office or playtime. 

Pictured above is the green skirt and cardigan set from The Source Unknown. Both the pieces are very much inspired from Bottega Veneta. I love the details, the hem line on the skirt and the pearl brooch like buttons on the cardigan. As much as the details add to both pieces, it’s the brilliant green color that really makes the look.



 geometric prints

It’s all about the angles! Geometric prints are in full force for the summer. This retro feel look is fun to style and easier to wear than you think. Mix and matching is a plus for prints. If you’re feeling bold, mix two different prints together or wear the same print head to toe with a matching set.  I’m especially gravitated to this trend if it’s on a silk or silk like fabric. The lightweight fabric gives it such a summer feel. I found a cute set from Zara, click here, that includes a matching scarf. 



puffy sandals

Are you still into comfy and cozy wear? The puff sandal is the perfect trend for you. Out of the three trends I’ve shared with you, this one is my favorite. From sandals to flip flops, elevate your look with this cloud like accessory. I can’t get enough and this trend and I’m looking to add a new pair in my closet. Below are some of favorites. Stay cozy!




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