27, 06, 2021

hats on, the new investment piece for your closet


Cue Gucci Bucket Hat by Future. Ok, sorry in advance for that song now being stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Hats have been trending for the summer and are becoming the hot new fashion accessory.

Investment pieces I have in my closet are mainly shoes and bags; throw in an occasional sweater. Purchase the right designer accessory, and you can wear it for forever, and then pass it down. If you have recently opened up your Instagram, you’ll see the Balenciaga cap on many influencer’s pages. This simple cap can be worn in so many ways and instantly elevates any look. This year I added a designer hat as an investment piece, a teddy cap by Isabel Murant. 

My favorite hat for summer is the bucket hat. From Gucci’s classic logo print to Missoni’s rainbow weave, I’m loving the pop these colorful prints can bring to your outfit. For a windy day at the beach or pool, try the fisherman hat by Jacquemus. Or invest your money in Prada, with their design that started the designer hat trend a few years ago. 

The bucket hat I’m wearing is Starter X Zara (on sale now). Shop from my hat wishlist below. 



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